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Ronald Paul Livingston

A good friend of of mine passed away. His name was Ronald Paul Livingston. He lived in Boise, Idaho. He was 68 years old when he died. He was a veteran of the United States military.

Ron lived in an apartment by himself. I spent a lot of time with Ron in his apartment. I helped him a lot with his electronics and sound equipment. Ron was a great guy.

When Ron got too ill, the Veterans Administration moved him to the VA hospital. They discovered that he had Parkinson's disease. He was finally moved to a nursing home where he died from a heart attack.

Ron really loved to play music on his guitars. I think he had about 15 guitars. Some of them were really nice! He was really good at playing the guitar. Please watch these music videos I made of him playing the guitar.

Ronald Paul Livingston playing his guitar.



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